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Dear Mark,
Please accept the heartfelt thanks of all the _______ Clan for your talented, utterly beautiful and respectful participation in _____ Service.  Your presence was the most important aspect and we hope you found satisfaction knowing you piped a true Scotsman on his ultimate journey.  With Best Wishes and profound appreciation.

Steve & Melanie

Mark, thank you so very much for playing at the funeral of our father. It was important to us that he have a proper Scottish funeral with the music he so enjoyed and the he had heard throughout his life.  The songs you chose to play were beautiful and I thank you for leading us to them. Dad would have been deeply touched by your selections and the skill with which you played your bagpipes.  Our Dad visited Scotland and his parent's home several times and loved the music, the land, and the people and their customs. Your beautiful clothing and music took all of us at the funeral back to the place where it all started--Scotland. Thank you, Most sincerely, family of ____

Robert S. Family

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